Are Germicidal lamps used for Domestic and Commercial use?

18 Apr 2020

Lamps are now widely used in Pond cleansing for both domestic and commercial uses.

Commercial buildings:
UVC lamps are used as a means of improving HVAC system efficiencies by irradiating coils and keeping them from building up with mold and other bacteria, which reduces the flow rate and costs more to operate. These lamps can also be installed in-duct as a means of improving indoor air quality.

Food processing industry:
โ€ข Food processing
โ€ข Food handling
โ€ข Warehousing
โ€ข Produce department 
โ€ข Meat cases
โ€ข Salad bars
โ€ข Dessert cases โ€ข Bakeries
โ€ข Buffets
โ€ข Restaurants

Biotech industry
โ€ข Bioengineering
โ€ข Genetics
โ€ข Medical testing
โ€ข Pharmaceutical processes 
โ€ข Research labs
โ€ข Biotech labs
โ€ข Equipment sterilization

There are portable sterilizers that are also available that are mainly used for air sterilization, and has a strong ability to kill various bacterias ๐Ÿงซ (including hepatitis virus, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and miscellaneous bacteria) which are found in the air. 

One should take necessary precautions when disinfecting with ultraviolet rays and should be careful not to directly irradiate human skin and eyes. It is highly recommended not to look directly at the tube when the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is working and use of glasses is a must to avoid eye damage. When used in a closed environment, when the ozone concentration is too high, the window ventilation can be performed at intervals of 30 minutes.

To conclude, Germicidal Tubes does help in keeping Air, Water and Surface clean especially in application areas were hygiene is the top priority and spread of disease needs strong control. You can buy GERMICIDAL LAMP available in qatar, GERMICIDAL LAMP supplier in qatar,