Motion Sensor Bulbs

21 Jan 2020

Motion sensor plays an important role in your security system. Because  it detects when someone is in your home or not. It uses different technologies to detect movement in an area. If a sensor catches one motion, a signal is sent to the security systems control panel and it is connected to the monitoring center, then you will get alert.  Sensors wok when you are not at home and the system is programmed to record events through security camera.
GgLED Sound Sensor Bulb 9W.Motion sensors can make the door bell to function if any unusual movement happened in front of your front door. When your kids enter any restricted areas, you will get alert.  There are different types of motion sensors are there in the market. The most popular one is passive infra red. It detects movement by change in the infrared levels. If we functioned  this sensor first it will record the initial heat, if any movement happens there will be a shift in initial infrared level   by this way motion can be detected. Second type of sensor is Micro Wave , it covers more area than the PIR. It take reflection of the object and more expensive than PIR. Third type motion sensor is Dual Technology Motion Sensor, there both passive and Microwave features are used to  reduce false alarms. 4) Ultrasonic Sensor, it measures the reflection of the  moving object and sends ultrasonic waves.5) Area Reflective Type , here LED emits infrared rays and from the reflection of rays sensor can detect the person or object with in an particular area. Last one is Vibration Sensor it is very commonly used and easily  can made at  home.