Tips and ideas for using LEDSโ€ฆ

21 Jan 2020

As we know the energy saving benefits of shifting from incandescent to LED. The major advantages of using LEDS are 1) It produce less heat 2) because of its decorative styles  LEDS can produce eye pleasing lighting effects.Doura Lamp LED Light.
Here are some Tips for using LEDS
1. LEDS emit less heat than incandescent bulbs so that they can be used for showcasing wall art.
2. By using a less bright LED light than your computer screen will solve the issue of eye damage.
3. LED string light can be separated and used for any application.
4. If we install any LED light behind any entertainment region, it will generate good ambiance to the room.
5. Use a bright white color temperature LED light in kitchen.
6. For night time reading use 50 watt or 60 watt LED.
LEDS can modernize your kitchen, bedroom, dining and living room. Also find some tricks to make your home more stylish and attractive.
LED Placement Tips:
1. Always use low power LEDS than high power LEDS.
2. Do not place LEDS at the corners of the room, it will simply waste light and not get any benefit of power savings.
3. Always keep LED light away from the running diameters of the fan, because it will create flicker in the room.
4. One will choose color temperature according to their preference, but while using LED keep this in mind warm white color gives low efficiency, where as cool light gives more lighting efficiency. High CRI comes under warm and neutral white light, high CRI is rarely used.
5. Cool white light is used for reading, manufacturing, in offices and work etc.
6. Warm white color is used in leisure area, it provide high CRI and relaxed feelings.
7. Neutral white, it is closer to sunlight, this is used where CRI is most important.
To conclude by using these given tricks we can make our living place like a heaven.