How Smart light help your daily Life?

21 Jan 2020

Now everything we own is Smart .The new smart appliances and smart technologies make our life better and easier. The lighting industry is also growing day by day. Now, itโ€™s stepped in to smart lighting, As the name indicates one single click can control our home lighting. Smart light bulbs are light bulbs that can be controlled by our smart phone, tablet or smart home system (such as Amazon Echo device), you can control your home lighting by voice commands also control the bulbs color and dimness by a remote. If someone walked around your home security camera all the bulbs will illuminate.Smart Lights.
Smart light bulbs are LED bulbs; it is 80 % more efficient than old incandescent and CFL bulbs. So only less number of LEDS are needed to get the same level of illumination as comparing with other bulbs. And LEDS wastes very small amount of power as heat, 95 % of its power used for illumination. LEDS are more long lasting and the maintenance cost is very less. Smart light bulbs works according to your desire, It will consume less power and outputting proper amount of light depending on the surroundings. It can dim and brighten according to needs. This makes them more efficient, by this way you can save your monthly electricity bill.