Why LEDs Preferred at Offices?

08 Nov 2019

LEDs are more efficient than incandescent light bulb, that is why they are commonly used at offices. It increases the employee productivity. An ideal lighting at work place is very important as it affects the mood, perception & performance of the employees.  As you know since LEDs can mimic natural lights and have high Color Rendering Index (CRI), business owners prefer to use them for improved productivity. 

Nowadays Energy Saving is one of the challenges we face in Commercial & Corporate Office Space. By using power saving LEDs, cost can be reduced. LED can save up to 70% of energy compare to incandescent light bulbs, as it has low operating temperature. Also it has a useful lifetime over 50,000 hours an average. If you deploy the LED lighting at your home, it evens helps to keep the bugs away. Also, an LED bulb emits very less carbon dioxide & makes less noise compare to incandescent bulbs even after being used for years. 

To conclude LEDs are a very strong lighting device where semiconductors are being used instead of filament. In future all the Commercial & Residences spaces will be switching to smart Lighting since it can be controlled & managed by a single click. Main advantages of smart lighting are dimming, scheduling & wireless controlling.